Info sessions last approximately 45 minutes, and are designed to give you a complete picture of our approach to learning. Feel free to bring your questions! A one-on-one follow-up can also be scheduled if you are unable to attend an information session and/or to address any concerns you may not wish to share in a group setting.

Concurrent students registered at other high schools, please skip directly to the registration process – no need to attend info session.


Ignite Centre for eLearning offers an online learning alternative that adapts to your student’s needs.

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A Good Education is the Foundation of a Full Life

Traditional in-class learning does not always meet the needs of every student. We understand how frustrating that can be. If you/your student have been struggling to adapt to school, our alternative that adapts to you may be just what you’ve both been looking for.

We teach the complete Alberta curriculum from Grades 1 through 12. Our students come from all sorts of backgrounds — high-performing athletes and musicians, families who travel a lot, neurodiverse students, even working adult learners. What they all have in common is they benefit from greater flexibility and a supportive learning environment tailored to their individual needs.

Our award-winning teaching team are innovators who make the course material come alive, know how to connect with all types of learners, work with students to eliminate barriers to successful learning, and are dedicated to helping students achieve to their full potential.

We welcome you to spend an hour getting to know us in an information session, and see how we re-Ignite a love of learning!

“I’m so glad we found this school for my son! The small class sizes, amazing and wonderful teachers and staff, the wide array of class options and so much more, have all contributed to a much better learning environment and experience for him compared to the overcrowded rural school where I felt he was being left out and left behind in before.”

Ignite Parent
“I am grateful to the teachers and staff who have shown steadfast support, and guidance and helped me navigate my online learning experience… You have made the learning environment interactive, welcoming and fun! Always eager to attend my classes—thank you!”
Tala E., Ignite Student

“The future of education right here! Our experience so far has shown us this school is elevated in its education, inclusivity, format, and delivery! The staff is passionate engaged and highly skilled.”

Jennifer W., Ignite Parent

“Thank you for creating SUCH a positive environment! Thank you for being so brilliant, encouraging, inclusive, aware and just an all round superior place for students to learn!!”

Ignite Parent

“Ignite Centre for eLearning has been one of the greatest academic experiences in my life.”

Rom A., Ignite Student

“…the online school platform that you have pioneered, is one of the best that I have experienced so far, especially due to the amazing teachers in the school who always try to help.”

Zaky Q., Ignite Gratuate

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We are fully accredited by Alberta Education and provide the full program of studies for Grades 1 to 12 in our online learning program. Our leadership team and award-winning teachers have years of extensive, research-based experience in online learning and helping students achieve success.

Learning takes different shapes depending on the age/grade level of the student, and includes a mix of synchronous (live) learning and independent project work. There is both flexibility and structure in a student’s day to ensure maximum success. We also want to ensure that students are not in front of the screen all day and build in time for offline learning activities.

Learn more about each program and see a typical daily schedule for your child’s age/grade here:

Elementary Gr.1-6

Junior High Gr. 7-9

High School Gr. 10-12

Ignite prides itself on its values of community and belonging. There are many opportunities for students to connect through instruction and fun activities online, as well as face-to-face field trips throughout the year.

The mental health of our students is of critical importance to us. As recipients of Alberta Education’s mental wellness grant, we have several supports available including well-trained teaching staff, a child and youth care worker, and partnerships with mental wellness organizations where we can refer our students to for support at no charge. 

All that is needed to engage in our learning programs is laptop or chromebook that is less than five years old, a headset, camera,  and a microphone. 

Language is important to ensure a shared understanding of programs and services. Check out our blog to better understand the differences between home education, homeschooling, home-based learning, and online learning.

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