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Next year’s focus: Empathy: The ability to put ourselves in another’s place, with compassion and understanding. Teachers will infuse this theme across our classes and projects.

Cultural Engagement

In junior high the Alberta Jubilee Auditorium will be working with Ms. Neela Bell on a week of “culture stories” in October.

Athletic Integration

Our Ready in Five athletes will be returning to our elementary and junior high classrooms.

Project-Based Learning

Our grades 1-9 program will continue to take a project based learning approach and addressing virtues across the curriculum.

Critical Thinking

Elementary students will discover critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making using DeBono’s 6 Thinking Hats, while junior high students will further explore these skills.

Artist in Residence

We have planned to have a Metis Artist in residence who will explore Indigenous art forms with our elementary students.

Expanded Options

Next year we will be expanding our options available in high school including economics, tourism, Early Learning, Entrepreneurship, Legal studies and Leadership

Engaging Field Trips

We will continue to provide unforgettable field trip options that enhance learning through engaging experiences.