Meet the Teachers: Neela Bell & Mason Stewart!

Neela has been an online teacher and consultant for many years, and has a passion for exploring ways to build engaging, personalized online courses that support a diversity of learners. She has taught in a variety schools divisions around Alberta, including Wild Rose, Sturgeon and Edmonton Public Schools. She created an award-winning online learning program for youth at-risk while working at Edmonton Public Schools, and is now furthering her passion for connecting with students at Ignite Centre for eLearning.

Examples of personalized online learning experiences that cater directly for each learner

What if Junior High felt safe, caring and fun?

The staff at Ignite Centre for eLearning recognize that junior high can be a challenging time; however, they also know how to ensure that students are safe, supported, and engaged in their learning! At Ignite, we firmly believe in the significance of cultivating strong relationships based on mutual respect, fairness, and trust among students, teachers, and the broader community. With this approach, we create an environment where students not only receive care but also have fun while pursuing their education.

Take a listen to Ignited junior high student Connor M and his mom share their experience as a junior high family with Ignite Centre for eLearning!

Build Your Future with Ignite Centre for eLearning

At Ignite, we actively collaborate with our students to discover their passions, all the while encouraging them to set both short and long-term goals for their academic success. We firmly recognize that every student has unique needs, and we strongly believe in their natural ability to learn and grow throughout the school year. As a result, we work diligently together to “re-ignite” their love of learning and encourage a lasting enthusiasm for education.

As part of our strong commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action, we are dedicated to ensuring that every student at Ignite Centre for eLearning has the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Indigenous ways of knowing and being. This vital aspect of education is seamlessly integrated into our instructional approaches and course content across all grades and subjects. So, no matter what subject students are studying, they will get the opportunity to learn about Indigenous knowledge and perspectives. It’s a meaningful way for us to contribute to reconciliation and foster a more inclusive and culturally aware learning environment for all.

Image of diverse students engaged in learning at Ignite Centre for eLearning, focusing on personalized education and fostering growth. The center is committed to Truth and Reconciliation, integrating Indigenous ways of knowing. Learner-centered, flexible, and supportive environment empowering students to define and achieve success. Learn more about our Re-Ignite program for junior high students!

Ignite offers: 

  • Learner-Centred Approach: Students are actively engaged in bringing their own knowledge,  experiences, and passion to their learning journey.
  • Flexibility and Structure: Students have flexibility in determining how best to create their learning pathway, with structures in place to ensure success.
  • Targeted Supports: Students in need of supports such as counselling, accommodations, academic guidance, will be provided these as part of their individual program.
  • Focus on Success: We believe that success is defined differently for each student; students play a pivotal role in defining what success means to them as well as how to achieve it.

Click here for details regarding our Re-Ignite program for junior high students!

The Junior High “Re-Ignite” Program

Junior high can be a tough time for some students. It is also a time when some students are exploring new opportunities and passions. The pandemic has made challenges for some junior high students even greater. We recognize all students have unique needs. Our “Re-ignite” program offers junior high students an opportunity to thrive recognizing unique learning and social emotional needs.

The Re-Ignite JuniorHigh program at Ignite Centre for eLearning is well-prepared to meet the needs of a variety of students. Moreover, below are examples of students who have thrived and achieved great success in online learning because of our exceptional ability to support them through strong, individualized programming approaches. With careful attention to each student’s unique needs, we have witnessed remarkable achievements in their academic journeys.

Our Re-Ignite program strives to move students along a continuum of supports that will allow them to become strong, independent learners.

A typical day of project-based learning looks like this:

Timetable for Junior High 'Re-Ignite' Program at Ignite Centre for eLearning. The timetable outlines a well-structured schedule for project-based learning, focusing on individualized support and fostering strong, independent learning skills for junior high students. Join us to thrive in a supportive online learning environment!

Our junior high program  is focussed on a theme this year: What gifts do our students have to ignite their learning and our world, with a particular focus on student passions.

Key features:

  • Project-based and integrated across the curriculum so students work on meaningful projects that might combine learning from 2 or more subject areas. 
  • A virtual science fair.
  • Character education along with digital citizenship will prepare students to be effective learners. 
  • Four themes will be addressed this year around the concepts of:
    • Acceptance
    • Fairness
    • Wonder
    • Service

If you are able to relate to any of the scenarios below, our Junior High “Re-ignite” program may be the place for you!

Text-based image highlighting scenarios where the Junior High 'Re-Ignite' program at Ignite Centre for eLearning can make a difference. The program caters to various student needs, including independent learning, support for gender identity, accommodating competitive athletes, enabling learning during travel, assisting in catching up after pandemic disruptions, fostering a strong sense of connection for Indigenous students, promoting mental wellness, and providing flexibility in learning. Join us for a fulfilling online learning experience!

Online learning requires parent support. Read more here about how parents can partner with us to ensure student success.

See more details of student learning and school activities here.

Please visit our registration page to register for the Junior High Re-ignite Program.

Course Offerings

New students at Ignite Centre for eLearning must complete a mandatory orientation course. This course prepares them for online learning success and community integration. They acquire valuable skills, gain confidence in navigating our online platform, and connect with peers and teachers.

The following courses are part of our Junior High Re-Ignite Program

English Language Arts (7, 8 & 9)

Social Studies (7, 8 & 9)

Math (7, 8 & 9)

Science (7, 8 & 9)

Health (7, 8 & 9)

Options: Students can pursue options that appeal to their interests! Check these out!

*Social Emotional Learning (SEL), mental health, and Indigenous perspectives will be integrated across the curriculum.


The Ignite Centre for eLearning is committed to ensuring all students are successful. Fair, consistent, and reliable assessment of student learning is an important part of this commitment. The purpose of our Assessment Guide is to share information about assessment with students, parents, and stakeholders in an effort to improve both learning and instruction. Assessments provide teachers information to understand what students know and do not know in relation to course outcomes. This information is then used to guide instruction and provide support for students to achieve their goals. 

Our Assessment Guide will help you understand:

  • responsibilities of staff, students and parents/caregivers;
  • how we will tell you about your student’s progress and learning;
  • how we assign grades/marks;
  • how your student will be assessed; and
  • the steps we take if your student’s work is plagiarized, missing, or not finished.

We welcome your feedback regarding our Assessment Guide.

Success Tips

Alberta Education has published an Online Guide for Students and Families, which has some excellent considerations for online learners and their families. At Ignite, we believe that learners will be successful if they have the necessary supports in place. Students and their families play an important role in ensuring that we have identified and provided those supports for success!

A few tips we know, from our experience and the research, will help you be successful:

  • Be your amazing self and connect with your teacher. Knowing them well (and them knowing you) will go a long way to helping you on your road to success.
  • Plan your time, for both school and other activities you enjoy doing.
  • Ask for help whenever you need it. Ask questions. Your teachers really do want to hear from you!
  • Attend live sessions and if you need to be absent for any reason, notify your teacher and watch the recording..

Michigan Virtual has created an excellent, research-based, free orientation resource called Strategies for Online Success to help students prepare to be successful in online learning:

General Information about Safety and Security online @ Ignite

During the school day, our secure learning environment requires students to log in with a chrome browser, create a chrome profile and enable the synching of the browser.  We push out extensions to the browser to support learning (like a Read Write Literacy app) and to ensure the integrity of the student digital footprint. Teachers will instruct students  in our orientations how to do this. 

We have installed a mandatory browser extension, Student Aware, that will notify administration if students are accessing worrisome websites or engaged in dangerous online activity. Our school will then notify parents. This service is only available if students are using the Ignite email on a synched chrome profile. We will be providing some parent information this year to help parents learn more about setting up computers so children are safe online. More information will come on this topic.

We do ensure that our students understand the importance of not sharing personal information online as well as other important aspects related to digital citizenship/literacy. For more information about keeping your children safe online, see our blog here.