Alison Hancox Ignite Centre

(Principal, Alison Hancox and Head of School, Daylene Lauman)

August 31, 2021

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Students:

Here is a warm welcome to parents, caregivers, and students who are joining our school community this fall!

We are thrilled to share the most current news for you regarding our fall programming.

Important Start up Information

1. Orientation information:

For all students and families who registered as of today, August 31st, we will be holding another orientation session next week. Please keep an eye on your email for information regarding date and time for that orientation. Classes for students registered as of today will commence after the orientation.

2. Please see the school calendar for our instructional days this year.

3. High school students including adult high school students

High school students will be registered in our mandatory Getting Ignited Online (GIO) orientation course and will receive Communication, Technology (CTS) credits for successful demonstration of learning. An orientation will be held in small cohorts and instructions will be shared for completion of this course before core courses will be released based on anticipated staggered completions the week of September 7th. Students will be learning strategies to ensure success online.

If you have not had your intake meeting please book an appointment with Dr. Daylene Lauman to confirm your course selections by clicking here.

4. Parent orientations

We will be hosting parent orientations and this information will be included in our orientation plans. Parent orientations will demonstrate how to use the learning management systems we will be using with students.

5. Home Education families

We will be in touch to orient you to next steps and how we will go ahead with home education plans, and booking one-on-one meetings. Travel and meeting with families under the current covid circumstances will be through technology. Please feel free to contact Principal Alison Hancox – alison.hancox@ignitecentre if you have any questions regarding home education programs.

6. Grades 1-6 Students:

We are still accepting student enrollments and need additional enrollments to make this teacher instructed program viable. We are doing our best to market the program. If parents wish to change enrollment to home education for grades 1-6, we can move your enrollment back to teacher instructed if we get enough numbers by September 29th. Please contact to make the change in enrollment. We will do our best to keep you informed. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Please pass the word to family and friends. We expect some family decisions will be made after the first week of school, given the current COVID circumstances. We are prepared to be flexible and will respond as quickly as we can.

7. September 29, 2021

All students must plan to be online and in attendance at our- school wide assembly and in classes with teachers on Sep 29, 2021which is the Alberta Education student count date for ensuring enrollment is accurate at the school of choice. Details for this event and class schedules will be shared by teachers the first week of school.

8. Login Credentials to Ignite’s Online Courses:

Students and parents can expect after they receive the welcome letter, a subsequent email with login instructions for Google mail and for Moodle will be distributed. Students will learn about accessing courses during their orientation.

Adult students will receive an invoice for $125/credit prior to their enrollment in the core course in which they have enrolled. Fees must be paid prior to accessing coursework.

We continue to accept enrollments in grades 1-12. Please encourage your friends and family to look at our website and register with us.

Ignite Centre for eLearning Staff

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Ignite Centre Contact information

Call (825-436-1788) or email ( Please be sure to follow us on social media and our website for updates and other great school-related information:

Feel free to share information about our school with others. 🙂

Looking forward to an exciting new school year with you!

Kind regards,

Alison Hancox, MET, Principal:

Dr. Daylene Lauman, Head of School: