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Success Tips for Students

There are many things students and families can do to contribute to student success. Below are some suggestions – let us know if you have strategies that work well for you and we’ll add them!

  • Communicate with your teacher regularly, but especially when have you questions, need help, or don’t know what to do.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • If we call or reach out it is because we care. We don’t want to create anxiety. We are not calling because anyone is in trouble…We want to know how we can help.
  • Join our synchronous timetabled classes or drop ins. A few minutes with a teacher can help you successfully progress with your learning. Besides, you will find we are fun and Ignited professionals who love what we do!
    • We understand some students may not be able to attend synchronous classes:
      • you are working,
      • are a concurrent student from another school with no free timetabled periods during the day,
      • adults
      • students who have made asynchronous plans with the Ignite teacher.
    • If you are not on this list above, please plan to attend the scheduled classes.
  • Let’s change any narrative that you may have about “being behind.” Let’s plan forward rather than thinking that we have to catch up. Use this handy calculator to help you calculate the hours you need to commit to to complete your course by the deadline you set.

A few tips we know, from our experience and the research, will help you be successful:

  • Be your amazing self and connect with your teacher. Knowing them well (and them knowing you) will go a long way to helping you on your road to success.
  • Plan your time, for both school and other activities you enjoy doing.
  • Ask for help whenever you need it. Ask questions. Your teachers really do want to hear from you!
  • Attend live sessions when you can, watch recorded sessions when you can’t.

Alberta Education’s Online Learning Guide for Students Families (authored by our own Dr. Daylene Lauman!) also has some great tips!

Michigan Virtual has created an excellent, research-based, free orientation resource called Strategies for Online Success to help students prepare to be successful in online learning: https://michiganvirtual.org/resources/sos/

A word about Anti-plagiarism strategies at Ignite

  • Our goal is to help students learn. Teachers will instruct our students on the appropriate strategies for citing sources, writing footnotes and bibliographies. This instruction forms part of the Getting Ignited Online (GIO) orientation course. Teachers will refer to the APA or MLA style guide and students will be taught age and grade appropriate proper citation and referencing techniques and given guidelines to follow for quoting and sourcing another person’s work.
  • In our Getting Ignited Online course we instruct students to be aware of inadvertently plagiarizing and we ask for a commitment to use proper attributions.
  • We understand that students will curate digital resources and may re-mix and borrow. We want to be sure students know how to do this appropriately and teach them how to recognize these borrowed resources by citation. Here are some suggestions for students to use to create citations